We specialise in the installation of heavy duty contract quality window shading solutions in the form of Blinds, Awnings and Window Film
Which are designed to provide controls to reduce glare and heat, but also increase security and privacy.

Why choose an awning?


One of the first question people ask themselves is why they should choose an awning over other options. They could build a roof. While this is clearly true, and worth looking into, there are a number of valid reasons for choosing an awning over other options:

– Cost efficiency: An awning is less expensive than a roof. It provides you with shade that blocks UV rays from entering your home, which means cost cuts in utilities as well.

– Ease of use: An awning is easy to extend and retract, it provides great shade, temperature control, and UV protection. Unlike an umbrella it does not have to be changed around frequently as the sun moves.

– Added home value: An awning is going to add to your home value because it is both attractive, adding to curb appeal, and functional, extending your living space, and making life comfortable.

Each of the above reasons also support the idea of getting a home awning, but they also are valid reasons for getting awning sensors.





Awning sensors:

An awning sensor is a sensor that determines if wind or rain conditions would be damaging to an extended awning, and if so, sends a signal to the motor on the awning to retract it.